IGRS Telangana EC Search Telangana Encumberence Certificate Online

IGRS Telangana EC Search Telangana Encumberence Certificate Online

IGRS Telangana : Registration and stamps department of Telangana has officially launched IGRS TS Registration portal. This portal helps to register the property i.e house or land. Suppose if x wants to buy the property house or land he / she wants to know the history of property, at that time EC Telangana plays a vital role.  Encumberence certificate will be available in the portal. When buying a property, stamp duty and registration charges will be borne by the ‘X’ only. The transfer of property from you to x is done at the registration office only. Name of the property changes from you to X in the online portal of IGRS Telangana.

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How to Search IGRS Telangana EC

Telangana Encumberence certification is important document for buying and selling property. IGRC EC is available for every one to download through online. Below we have given some steps to download Telangana EC

  • Visit the official website of Telangana Registration and stamps department
  • Browse for IGRS EC option available at the bottom of the page.
  • eEncumbrance Statement disclaimer page is opened.
  • Click on “submit”button.
  • ‘Search For Encumbrance’ page is opened with options.
  • Select document no and give document number of the property, beside it give the year of registration of property.
  • In the Registered at SRO option, give first few letter of SRO Name / Code.
  • Now click on submit button.

Application Fee For Telangana Encumberence Certificate

To get IGRS EC from the sub-registrar office must pay fee of Rs.25/- as application fee. Cost of application fee to get telangana EC varies from one state to another state.

Age Fee in Rs
Less than 30 years 200/- Rs
More Than 30 years 500 /- Rs

IGRS Telangana EC Search

Advantages of having IGRS EC

  1. With the TS EC we can know the details of past transactions of property.
  2. It helps when buying and selling the property.
  3. In banks to get home loan first the bank officers asks to produce Encumberence Certificate.
  4. With IGRS EC helps to eliminate any illegal liabilities.

Details shown in the Encumberence Certificate 

  • All the past transactions regarding the property is mentioned.
  • Gift settlements also shown in the IGRS EC.
  • Any mortage of the property also shown in the TS EC.
  • Sale deeds name and buyer name property also shown in the ec

Services offered by IGRS Telangana Portal

  • Property Registration
  • Society Registration
  • Marriage Registration
  • Firm Registration
  • Stamp Vendors / Notaries / Franking services
  • Know your SRO
  • Market Value search
  • Prohibited property
  • certified copy
  • Encumberence search (EC
  • eSTAMPS (Payment of registration and other purposes)

About IGRS Telangana

The Registration and Stamps Department officially launched the IGRS Telangana portal registration.telangana.gov.in for keeping the records of land registration online. Any one who wants to register or buy a property first of all they search Encumbrance Certificate to know the history of land or house. Other than registration you can also register your marriage and get your certificate through this IGRS portal. If you have any complaints about IGRS EC you can also give feedback by contacting the address.

How to Know Yours SRO ?

SRO full form is sub registrar office. In SRO office all the registration and stamp duty works is handled. Any registration of property is done online under sub registrar officer only. All the records of property is kept online. If any one wants to know the SRO of his / her area may know by searching online. Below some of the steps we have given to find and search for SRO of the land / property belongs to that area.

How to search SRO of your area through IGRS Telangana Portal

  • Visit the official website of Telangana IGRS
  • Now search for “Know Your SRO” link
  • After that a new page appears on the computer screen showing “Know Your Jurisdiction SRO” & “Village Directory” links.
  • Click on the first link i.e Know Your Jurisdiction SRO.
  • Again a fresh page is opened. Now select the district name, mandal name and village name from the drop down options in IGRS Telangana Portal.
  • SRO Name, SRO Code and address of your SRO is shown in the new page.

What is stamp duty?

The state government under the Indian Stamp Act 1899 collects stamp Duty. When transferring property one person to another person some percentage of amount is collected in the form of stamp duty. It plays crucial role in transferring of property . Collection of stamp duty varies from one state to another and also varies from one property to other property (businesses / commercial).

Transferring of property from one person to another person, stamp duty is applicable to them. It avoids disputes among the property owners and act as a evidence. When you lost the original certificates, it also helps them. Stamp duty helps the property owners to get new certificate from the SRO office.

How to download IGRS Telangana Mobile App

It is easy to search IGRS EC in the mobile itself only. Other than IGRS EC you can know any details offered by IGRS Portal online if you have smartphone with internet connection. To know all the services offered by IGRS first of all you need to download IGRS Telangana Mobile App. We have given some steps below to download mobile app.

  • Check the internet connection in the smart phone is in on / off mode. If it is off mode please switch it on mode.
  • Now go to Google play store and search For Telangana IGRS app.
  • In the first position app will come.
  • Now click on the app and click on Install icon.
  • IGRS EC app is download in your smartphone.
  • Open it and check for the services offered by Registration and stamps department of Telangana.

What are the benefits of IGRS Telangana

  • It saves the time and work.
  • Instead of going to office to get any services, you can get any problem solved through this IGRS online portal.
  • If you have any complaint about any issues, you can give online complaint through the given contact numbers below.
  • You can solve all the issues through this portal without going to particular department.

Statistics of Various Service provided by Telangana IGRS for 2018-2019:

Services Statistics
Hindu Marriage 23599
Documents registered 1373547
Slot Booking 48750
Deemed Application for Mutation 114268
IGRS Telangana Public Data Entry 585718
Encumbrance Statement 93433

IGRS Telangana Contact details 

If you have any doubts and wants to give feedback about this portal you can contact with toll fee number or via email address.

  • Toll Free Number : 1800 599 4788
  • Email id : grievance-igrs@igrs.telangana.gov.in

If you feel this IGRS Telangana article is helpful to you, please comment below in the form below and also give feed back about IGRC EC registration and stamp duty portal by commenting below and also bookmark our website for regular updates on IGRS portal.

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